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PANELS-  An exploratory series of clay wall panels, developed from looking at and reading about the petrified forest off the west coast of Wales ,images of 30, 000 year old footprints of a family group discovered in the eroding estuary mud of the river Severn/ Hafren near Newport- and the ancient  tales of the Mabinogion –   the lost land of Cantre Gweiliog  plus the ancient tradition of  water connecting with the other/ fairy world. Archaeology is often the starting point for my work. However using real foot prints intentionally rather than accidentally allows for a whole new set of interpretations to become possible.  Global  weather changes and resulting migration being just one.

DISHES/CHARGERS-Looking at historic landscape field divisions+ traditional Welsh patchwork quilts, flooded valleys, and Welsh myth + very  early farming with the arrival of cattle  and the cultural, power changes that triggered – reflected again in the Mabinogion..

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