Dishes & Chargers

Decorative  clay chargers, or dishes.
I use this form to have fun and explore new ideas, shapes, colours  and techniques- sketches.

All chargers are decorative,  earthenware clays, with coloured slips and partially glazed, with fixing to be  be wall hung, and are intentionally of no practical use!  Lovely soft rich colour, but not suitable for the garden- frost, but fantastic in conservatories – won’t fade!

To clean pieces -dust carefully or very  gently wipe with soapy water and a soft sponge, and rinse off..

‘Mythical beasts past and present.

Exhibited at the Victoria art gallery, Bath.   The Mythical beasts shown in the gallery below are still available .

Runners  series new.     Small fish dishes new.

 Please phone [ 01225 460805] me if you are interested in any pieces.

Please quote D [dish number] and name. Prices from £75- £180 .
Sizes vary – please check click on image.

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